Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Sustainable Network" book review

I recently reviewed "The Sustainable Network" for and have included the review here for those who are interested:

Surmised from the title and as stated in the introduction, "The Sustainable Network," takes a look at the role the Internet and all the other networks that connect the world’s computing devices have on our lives, from our politics (as witnessed by the recent presidential election) to our carbon footprint. The author states that this book is the output of her deep realization and appreciation of the global network we've created for ourselves, and she also states that everyone who uses this network should develop a deep appreciation and understanding of it and its potential to change our lives.

But I think on many levels, this book doesn't hit that target.

The author and publisher's mistake is the target audience of the book. Those most likely to read a book of this nature already know 80% or more of the material printed, and in most cases probably understand the technology and its environment. Those most likely to benefit from the material in this book, which is the target audience, either wouldn't read it or probably don't care, i.e., you don't have to appreciate how a car works in order to successfully drive one.

With that being said though, it is a decent high-level read for those interested in information technology in today's society. Yes, there are the occasional mistakes as can be found in every book on the shelf, but there are plenty of things the author got correct as well. Her enthusiasm and appreciation is evident and contagious throughout the pages, and propels the reader to further independent investigation of the topics presented. And even though this book will be out-date within just a couple of years, it's worth picking up a copy.