Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Alive

I'm still here, been ultra busy lately, but haven't stopped thinking about this place.

Here is the most recent review I've done (for a book that was promised me last fall but didn't arrive until mid-February). It was worth the weight though. I gave it four out of five stars.

"If you’re a news junkie then this book is perfect for you.

It is a first-rate account of a journalistic institution as it adapts to survive in the 21st century as our major sources of news switch from physical print to 24-hour online access. The easy to read narrative keeps the reader interested and moves with a good flowing pace. The author tells the story of the Washington Post and some of the great events it has covered without bogging down to low into the details, but giving just enough so that the reader can remember the rest while the story of the paper is told.

Kindred clearly likes the unique individuals he chooses to highlight in this narrative, and that fondness comes through in many funny and endearing anecdotes of life in the newsroom. The kind of stories that makes former journalists (like myself) long to return to those days when things were changing so rapidly everyday was a new adventure.

Don’t pass this one up."

Until next time...
Promising to be back soon,