Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Review for LibraryThing

Here's the full text of a review I recently published on

" Have Sex Everywhere but in Bed" is a cute little book that seeks to inspire couples to have intimate fun outside the usual confines of the bedroom. It that aspect it succeeds, as it offers plenty of ideas of where, when, and how couples can spice it up via role-playing or even exhibitionist-style. The only problem with "idea" books in general is that usual the people who purchase or read them have already thought about or tried a majority of the suggestions. Honestly, who hasn't thought about making love in their own kitchen, in the car, or in the back yard.

But with that being said, there probably are a few situations in here that many couples haven't considered, or may not have weighed the possibilities of successfully pulling off without getting caught. Many of these are in public spaces, or the traditional office, elevator, park, restroom, etc. etc.

This book does offer practical tips and advice on how to get away with certain acts, and how to avoid certain pit falls that could land an adventurous duo in an embarrassing situation. There are "Difficulty" ratings concerning both physicality and practability, "Costs" and "Risks," as well as "Pleasure" ratings.

Unfortunately though, the book was originally written in French and some awkward phrasing will make the reader pause, and many of the inspirational media cited are French works and films and may not be available elsewhere.

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