Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want this time back

This is one of those books you wish you had spent the time doing something more useful, like cleaning behind the refrigerator:

"First Stringers: Eyes That Do Not See" contained promise within the concept and potential story lines, unfortunately, the execution falls short and leaves the reader disappointed at many points along the way.

This is a story where the characters have the ability to manipulate the quantum strings to affect their environment. The concept sounds wonderful, but the author fails to fully understand quantum mechanics by limiting the characters to only have control over certain realms of their environment. Since quantum mechanics takes place at the subatomic level, a character would not be limited to elemental restrictions (i.e., have only the ability to make fire, or only the ability to alter chemical compounds). Because of this, the story comes off as a poor copy of The X-Men, rather than an individual work of its own.

Also, the overall writing is amateurish and in many places elementary-level. The characters are too naïve to their powers considering they've all been aware of them for years by the time the novel begins, and conversations contain clunky dialogue that are not only difficult to read but awkward to speak. Descriptions are not always appropriate to the scene context. The author has a tendency to over-describe a room of no significance, while failing to mention key elements during important scenes. The plot is over-simplified, predictable, and clichéd.

I would suggest that experienced science fiction readers steer clear of this book, but there's no doubt they probably won't get far into it before tossing it to the "donate" pile anyway. If you have nothing else to read, and you don't mind the above distractions, then you can probably make your way through this story and enjoy it for a semi-entertaining distraction from the real world. Otherwise, I'd suggest the author take this one back and give it a serious rewrite.

Until next time...
Thankfully off to read something else,