Friday, February 3, 2012

"A Night of Poetry at the FAC" Winter Recap

"A Night of Poetry at the FAC" was a surreal success. The night led off with Michael Castro's "Poetry Is...", eventually moved to Peter Carlos's "Dreamfish", a couple of travel poems by Teddy Norris, before Kelli Allen then Dawn Dupler "Talking Back to the Minivan", ending with a few sureal poems by Julia Gordon-Bramer.

For a handful of the poets, this was their first time at the Foundry Art Centre, and the effective use of the facility mixed with just the right lighting gave the atmosphere a soft, welcoming, cafe-type feel.

The turn-out was better than most expected, and Russo's supplied the drinks.

Everyone left excited about the April event coming up, and we're already starting to talk about a late summer event (maybe August or September). I'll keep everyone informed...

Until Next Time...
Still pumped,

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