Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

This is a review I recently posted on various book-lover websites:

It's rare that I give a fictional narrative five stars, and this one in particular had many little things I didn't like or sometimes found irritating, but the author did two things important things to earn five stars. First, I couldn't put the book down; Second, once I finished it, I immediately wanted to reread it.

Essentially, isn't that what reading is about?

Oh sure, like other pieces of "literature" it leaves an impression on you, it asks important questions both timeless and relevant to today's issues, but when it boils down to the basics, it was a compelling read worthy of the time devoted to it.

Although at times it seemed as though it was a social commentary condemning the "old" ways of acquiring information (via books), it eventually circled around and brought both the "old" generation and the "e" generation together, requiring both their resources to crack the puzzle of the plot. I have to admit, I got tired of reading all the techy references and the digs at those born prior to those inventions, and I especially got tired of seeing the word "Google" on every page, but on retrospect I can see where some of it was necessary. An another enjoyable aspect of the novel was how the author used character roles of the modern genre fantasy novels and translated that into modern terms and roles as a team forms to solve the puzzle of the plot - the wizard, warrior, thief, etc.

I highly recommend this novel to any book lover or anyone seeking a fun, lighted-hearted novel (there's no fighting, violence, etc).

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