Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ugh, Another One

Okay, I've mentioned before that since I'm a subscriber, the cover doesn't have to convince me to buy the magazine. But seriously, I like fantasy art, and by slapping a mailing label in the middle of the cover just seems shameful to me.
The catch is - this publication didn't always do this.
 Just a few issues back the mailing label was always on the bottom. Granted, that's still covering the art, but at least it's not in the center (translation: focal point) of a piece of artwork. Whoever you choose to feature the work of each issue puts a lot of time and effort into creating that piece, and on the most part, usually doesn't get paid too much for the effort. The artist reads the featured story and tailors the art to that. Let us subscribers enjoy it.
So seriously, gang, if it's feasible, can you at least entertain the notion of placing the mailing label somewhere else on the cover. (I'd suggest the back, but would tick off whatever advertiser bought the space, so I'll settle for a more inconspicuous spot on the bottom.
Until Next Time...
Labelly Yours,

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