Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"December" The Revival Issue

For those of you familiar with former literary magazine December, you can now rejoice. It's back. "December: The Revival Issue" was just released this past December 2013 with much fanfare and rejoicing by many of its previous contributors.

Item imageThe magazine's revival is all due to the efforts of Gianna Jacobson who, while a student at the University of Missouri, enjoyed working on the staff of the university's literary magazine, "Natural Bridge". According to a "Poets and Writers" article, once out of school, Jacobson bought up the rights to "December" to revive the magazine in an effort to continue doing work she loved, while bringing back a cherish icon to the writing community.

After reading boxes and boxes of back issues, Jacobson sent out invites to some of its old contributors, many of whom are now rock stars in the literary world, and soon had more than enough responses to fill a couple of issues.

"December" will be published twice per year. A single issue is $12 and a year subscription is only $20. For more information, visit the website decembermag.org.

(information for this entry was supplied by "Poets& Writers" magazine, as well as decemeber.org.)

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