Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Star Trek Franchise I

One of my pet projects is tracking down and roughly calculating the entire financial size of the Star Trek universe.  The franchise is one of the largest story lines in the history of entertainment and media tie-in efforts, initially starting with a B-quality television show and growing to become so large that no one really knows how much the entire thing is worth.

Over the years though, and especially with the death of creator Gene Roddenberry, different portions and lines have been licensed off and in some cases sold, so that it's become virtually impossible to track all the ties and figure out who owns what and who's ranking in the dough.

So basically, this is going to be the announcement that will be the first of many posts in the future to step through the giant web that is STAR TREK.

I've heard that someone is attempting to write a book about the entire franchise, and I can see where it would take an entire book. Maybe when I get done, I'll have a manuscript length piece of work as well.

So, wish me luck, and check back soon.

Until Next Time,
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