Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring In The Warren

It's officially Spring now, and as is a tradition of mine, it's time to reread "Watership Down" by Richard Adams. I even have it listed in my Recommended Reads list on the right side of this blog.

But this year, my "To Be Read" list is way too long to read the entire novel. I need to read it again, but with so many books stacked up and waiting for me, I just can't. At least not now. What I can do though is a pretty fair substitute, plus I truly enjoy the short forms of fiction. So that means it's time to pull "Tales From Watership Down" off the shelf and read a few of those stories instead.

"Tales" deal more with the mythology and legend that is one of the staples of the original novel. Some of those stories were intended to be published in the original work, but were deemed by Adams to pull the reader too far away from the main plot of the novel. Others were written years afterwards when Adams wanted to return to the world he had created. The book is divided into three sections and includes many tales involving El-ahrairah (the name I always have to flip to the glossary to remind myself how to pronounce it). Some of the other stories continue to follow characters from the original novels.

If you've never read this collection, you should. Reread the novel first, refamiliarize yourself with the world, then pick up this book and enjoy short little adventures in that little warren we've all come to love.

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