Saturday, March 1, 2014

GoT - Ready for Season 4

In the big ramp up for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season Four, the third season was released on DVD/BluRay last Tuesday. Of course I had preordered, then practically watched all ten episodes over the weekend. Then I was back online rewatching the trailers for Season Four that I've already watched a dozen times. I've read the third book, so I know what's going to happen in season four, but watching them on screen is just as much fun as reading the books - I get to relive the story in a condensed time while seeing how the directors interpret George R.R. Martin's vision. And since Martin is involved in the making of the shows, the look and feel are much more accurate to his vision.

There's still time to rewatch, now go get it, because remember in the game of thrones, either you win...or you die.

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