Sunday, April 13, 2014

National Library Week

Right smack in the middle of National Poetry Month, we find ourselves celebrating National Library Week.

When you walk into the library these days, they have all sorts of posters showing all sorts of celebrities holding books, usually with a simple tagline promoting reading. In its own right, this is probably one of the better approaches for kids of this generation, especially considering the more immediate media connections kids have to their favorite celebrities that didn't exist twenty years ago .

Back when I was growing up, though, the approach was different. Instead of trying to get kids to read by celebrity endorsement, libraries hung posters that promoted the magic that could be found in books. Many had quotes about the benefits of reading or of the doors of imagination the library and books could open. Sometimes they said nothing more elaborate than "Reading is Fun".

There's always been a part of me that would love to have a room or at least a wall dedicated to some of the posters of my time - a nostalgic display of my childhood when I used to leave the library with stacks of books, about to discover new worlds of fantasy or science fiction or just plain, simple stories that were fun to read.

The Boss and I not only use our local library, but we also donate time and money to the local library foundation to make sure this most magic of places continues to find relevance in this quickly changing, information-heavy society. You should find the time as well, you'll quickly discover that it's well worth your efforts.

"Amid the hectic pace of our lives, a library is like a comfy chair in front of a cozy fireplace on a wintry day, where people of every age and status can sit down and feel like they've come home... to a world without boundaries, to the world of books." - author C. J. Carr

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