Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Most Prolific Writer Ever?

A few posts ago, I discussed pulp magazine publications, and one of those I mentioned was The Ellery Queen mystery magazine. Coincidentally enough, The Boss discovered the early 70s Ellery Queen television series staring Jim Hutton on Hulu. This series only ran one season, and there was a lot wrong with it that explains why it only lasted one season, but the synchronicity of it all made me head to my local library and see what Ellery Queen books they have on their shelves. I found a 1979 reprint of the very first Ellery Queen novel, "The Roman Hat Mystery", published by Mysterious Press.

On the back of that book was a list of other books available for order, including a book of Sherlockian limericks by none other than Isaac Asimov.

Yeah! Who knew?

Well, apparently, some of his more ardent fans knew, but this particular little book slipped by me. I knew all about the history of the bible, and his various books of essays. I knew the man practically wrote from dawn to dusk and then would write some more. I also know the story of the time the interviewer asked him what he would do if he learned he had only six months to live ("Write faster!" was apparently his response).

The man wrote science fiction, fantasy, mysteries. He even wrote romance novels. I don't know if he wrote long-hand or with a typewriter, but remember, this was well before the days of word processing programs on computers. Plus, don't forget, he still worked in his academic field as both a professor and lecturer. He travelled to conventions, seminars, and founded a couple of pulp magazines as well. (All this from a man who taught himself to read at the meager age of three.) The guy kept himself busy. And basically, makes us all look like slackers.

If you'd like to know more, just look him up on Wikipedia, but be prepared for a lot reading. A lot.

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