Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Okay, So Maybe I Like King More Than I Realized

A local woman managed the gauntlet and landed on Jeopardy. As a copy editor for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, she bragged to Alex Trebeck that she landed the job because she learned she was an excellent speller. But as we Jeopardy Faithful know, she misspelled Apollo during Final Jeopardy ("Appolo" is incorrect in every known language), and was sent home after this single appearance. Later when asked about what category she thinks she would have done well, she answered "Stephen King".

That got me thinking. I've read a lot of Stephen King over the years; I think the first book I read was "Cujo". That paperback was passed around the class for months, moving from one eager reader to the next, and by the time I got it back, it was a well-read copy and a prime example of the power of a compelling story. (I do know the first movie I saw was the original made-for-television "'Salem's Lot". But that's another story for another time*)

I thought I'd post here a quick list of all the King books I've read, and quickly discovered that list was a lot longer than I realized. So instead, I created a page on my website (Classics and Cheese) which lists all the Stephen King books I've read over the decades...um...years.

Some were good, some were bad. And if you study the list, you'll notice there are some gaps. Those are periods of time when, quite frankly, I got tired of him. It's "A Thing" with me; I can only read an author's voice for so long before I need a change, and as much as I apparently enjoy reading King, I sometimes need a break -- a long break.

I'm sure eventually I'll catch up, afterall, he can only write so fast, and by his own admission, he's getting slower as he gets older.

I recently finished "Full Dark, No Stars" and I'll be posting that review soon at the usual spots (LibraryThing, GoodReads, and Amazon), so...

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* The images of Ralphie Glick floating up to the window and later Danny Glick tapping at Mark's window gave me nightmares for years! Even as an adult I still consider those scenes some of the scariest ever filmed.

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